I think it’s happening again :)

Late Americans and Soldiers Must Be Turning In Their Graves Right Now

My soul actually hurts from the most recent social media blaze of intolerance and bigotry. I am a proud American, and…


It hurts to see how many prideful Americans thought it was a good idea to share their thoughts on how a sixty second video compelled them to make a (seriously) drastic life decision: No more Coca Cola. They’ll probably go out and buy a 12-pack of Sprite instead. That’ll show ‘em.

Please stop sharing your “non-racist” intolerance. PLEASE stop telling us how you are not racist or a bigot.

Oh, you have the right to free speech? That originated to prevent censorship and punishment of people criticizing their government so that changes could be made to a poorly governing body. It is not there to support your use of language to convey your poorly educated, racist, intolerant ideas.

Wayyyy Overdue… again

Last posted a few weeks ago.. I even lost track of which week it was since I started trying to gain weight -.-

Don’t remember much and don’t have the time right now to write something elaborate, so I’ll keep it short:

Tennis almost daily (woot)
Ran a 5K in 22 min with the lovely buddy Victoria
Sleeping schedule crazy again
Quarter life crisis
No more school please

Week 4 Day 3 and yesterday’s injury + Other stuff that might offend

Workout (kind of):

So I haven’t been lifting and eating as regularly the past weekend.  It’s pretty bad because I went back to 145 lb… Doesn’t help that I have work at freakin’ 11 am until 5 pm with no meals in between.  Trying to make up for it after by gorging on half a box of cereal at a time and eggs.

I went to run today with the intent of running about 3 miles.  That didn’t happen.  Not because I didn’t have the endurance for it, I just got a crazy stomach cramp.  Didn’t even eat for like three hours before that too!

I just put in my earbuds, put on some heavy pump up music and went at it.  Before I realized it, I had finished every lap (8 at crce) in about 40 seconds.  I kind of slowed down the last lap to cool down so I ended up with a 5:30 total mile.  Walked a lap slowly, then tried to go at like a 7-minute pace but my stomach was KILLING me.  Bleh.  Had to stop.  Just went to the pool to say hi to the AAA kids, then hot tubbed it for like 5 minutes.  That was wonderful.

It seems I injured my shoulder/trapezius somehow yesterday while practicing my serves.  I did hit some decent ones, but for some reason, with Bangers (the string type) I can’t serve the same way as I did with RPM Blasts (another string type).  I get tons of spin but it feels like the string absorbs all of the kinetic energy, leaving me with a really slow serve even though I’m generating about the same swing speed.  So of course I try to compensate by swinging different ways (harder, flatter, more spin).  The spin serves gave the best results (probably because it’s a spin-heavy string).  That’s how I hit my target twice!  But the flat serves just made me feel like I was throwing my shoulder out.  This was evident when I tried to hit afterward.

I could not generate any power off of my backhand.  I mean, I barely do in general nowadays, but seriously had nothing, not even control.  It actually began to hurt when I was at practice, too.  Didn’t help my mood playing crappy.  Oh yeah, I got stood up by Adam!  Abe didn’t show up until an hour and a half after we were supposed to meet.  Ended up hitting with some kid that wasn’t very good (started my bad moodedness).  All he did was hit the ball with all his might which didn’t help my shoulder situation.


Moving from physical activities, I visited the AACC tonight for the Seen & Heard workshop.  I didn’t even know what it was about until I got there, just supporting the glil Michelle.  The topic was Asian American gender stereotypes.  To be frank, I did not really enjoy or gain anything useful from the workshop.  Not to say that the moderators and people who coordinate it did a poor job, I just did not learn anything that wasn’t already present in my head.


I take that back 

It was very interesting to learn about the historical context in which stereotypes originated!  Put a lot of things into perspective at least pertaining to why and how these things got started.  I just did not learn anything new or particularly interesting about how these stereotypes affect us now.  It’s one thing to teach people about stereotypes that are out there, but to me it was just a bunch of Asian-American students reaching out at nothing and making comments that are intended to be profound, but everybody already knows.

For example: When asked how everyone reacted to the stereotypes listed, several students just pointed out how interesting it was that 90% or so of those listed were negative.

We know it’s negative, stereotypes (‘good’ or ‘bad’) inherently carry a negative connotation.  I was really hoping for some accounts of people who had experienced being treated a particular way, and how it made them feel, how they reacted to it (was it just waved off? was there confrontation?), what is the best way to deal with that situation?

I guess you could say that I could have added something if I was so frustrated, but the questions asked didn’t really pertain to what I wanted and it seemed they had a set itinerary planned out for the night.  Didn’t want to rudely divert the track of thought.

In fairness, I had left an hour into the two hour workshop so I might have missed the meaty part I desired.  Had no intent of being rude.  Could not take sitting through an hour of superficial comments and jokes about a serious topic anymore.

This was all before going to CRCE.


Work was meh.  Exceptionally slow today.  I’m glad I put in my notice to quit.  Just two and a half more weeks.  Enough to pay for bills for a while longer.  This got really much longer than I expected, this is a good place to stop.  Time for more cereal!

Magic Stars are my shizz

This weekend was a good weekend

Really nice to see and hang out with Jeff again. Also spent time with cute little Christina. Forever roommates!

Insidious with Charlene and Alice the awesomest freshmen I’ve met this year. Late night jamming and chillin with Henry

Hung out, chatted and watched movies with Victoria! Went to homecoming parade, made broccoli cheddar (well, I made it while she bossed me around), saw 500 Days of Summer and the Conjuring. Damn good movie and even better company!

Time to get back into the grind. Midterm due tonight, homework due Wednesday, two homeworks due Friday. Exam in November some time.

Let’s do it.

Reminder: write about career change

Week 3 Day 4

Weight: 146 lb (wtf, man)


  • Squats ~ 225 lb (failure)
  • Deadlift ~ 205 lb (failure)
  • Hyper Extension ~ 25 lb (failure on third set)
  • 2 sets of 50 declined sit-ups and 50 leg lifts

That last one was a doozy.  I’m definitely going to feel it tomorrow.  Trying to eat a lot again.  It’s about 6:45 pm.  Got off of work after 5 minutes haha.  I think I’m going to make some pasta and just max out on carbs.  Wooh, tired for some reason.  Okay, back to physics homework.

vividlydien said: Hey handsome :)GOGOGO FINALS! You can do it! I'm also procrastinating....

When was this?!?!?  Awe shucks you.  Belated thankies!

Week 3 Day 1 and 2 + Weekend Recap


CTF all day Sunday, played what… 7 games?  So much sprinting spinning diving and sliding.  Everyone says I’m crazy for doing so much physical activity, but that’s how I’m able to give 150% for the team whenever I need to.  It’s nothing out of the ordinary when you have people depending on you to step up.  Still wasn’t enough to bring it home for AAA.  Sorry, guys.  You’ll get 200% next year.

After that I went to hit with Danny for like thirty minutes.  Would have been longer had it not been for the stupid wind.  Had Mas Amigos twice :) Yums

Friday Christine, Robin, Victor, and Mike were here!  It was nice to see everyone and had lunch + Irish nachos at Murphys.  Smashed a bit with Eric and his floormates; ahh, freshmen.  Spent a good amount of time with Mike and David (Lam and Jung) just chilled and drank and talked.

CTF practice Saturday then Mas Amigos with Victor and the boys but had to leave my beautiful horchata to host the club tennis team from Grand Valley State University.  They were awesome, though.  Super chill and had a lot of fun just chilling drinking and laughing at the apartment, really appreciate Mike and Henry for allowing it to happen.  Made some really nice friends this weekend for sure along with Alice and Charlene!

Now today.  I went to lift with Levi for a bit, had to leave so I could eat and do some work before club practice which is now at 8:30.  


  • Leg Press ~ 365 lb
  • Dumbbell Chest Press ~ 55lb
  • Close-Fist Chest Press + Fly ~ 27.5lb

Had to leave after that.  My abs are sore enough don’t need to work on them today haha.  Had lunch and dinner, probably going to eat again after practice.


Still can’t see much change, but it had been a while.  Also, my hair decided to change it’s part direction for some reason.

Week 2 Day 4 (Yesterday, Wednesday)

Found time to go to the gym with Levie!

Weight: 147.6 lb


  • Squats ~ 195 lb 4 sets
  • Dead Lifts ~ 185 lb 4 sets
  • Hyper Extensions ~ 25 lb 3 sets + drop set
  • Ab circuit 3 intense exercises ~ Only 1 rep before started cramping
  • Tennis practice for two hours also

I don’t really remember what I ate but definitely over 2500 calories or so.

Managed to snap a quick pic while getting ready for bed

Sorry about the undies :P

Can’t really see a difference from the first pic even though I put on like 7 pounds.  Okay back to homeworking.


Sad fact: I’ll never give up on love. I’ll always be the hopeless romantic that gets hurt left and right looking for the one that I’ll one day marry. Hopefully I’ll find him soon and it’ll all be worth it in the end. I know it to be true.

I’ll keep hoping if you do

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